Valentine’s Day Love Cards

Love is in the air. Well, love is here for the weekend. That’s right, it’s Valentine’s Day weekend. The classic romantic holiday that consists of overly priced teddy bears, expensive stale chocolate hearts, and a cardboard card that says ‘I Love You’, but does not have any special meaning.

So what does that mean for a college student who fishes for change in couches just to get some Mochi? It means, we need to get creative to get some love. Now classic Hallmark cards are expensive, so the next best thing is a pun and a little bit of color to make a low-cost Valentine’s Day Love Card.

Three simple items are needed to make the card: a pack of  24 colored pencils, valued at $2.97; a package of construction paper, valued at $1.69 and a Sharpie ultra fine point marker, valued at $1.29 for stylistic appeal. A funny pun about love, friendship or commitment is also needed to make the Valentine’s Day card. Then let the creative process flow through your body and make the card. I chose the pun ‘Hey Valentine, my arms long for you’ and added a long armed octopus.


Now buying these three items to make one card may not be cost efficient, but it is the 21st century and a person does not have just one valentine. Make them for your significant other, for your mother, for your friend’s brother, make a low-cost Valentine’s Day Love Card for any lover of yours this Valentine’s Day.

BuzzFeed also has some other great Valentine’s Day pun cards ideas available on their website:


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